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We're all sick
Views 134,2301 weeks ago
His head hit the fan
Views 148,1872 weeks ago
My Bloodwork Results Are In..
Views 190,2753 weeks ago
This Was Chaos!
Views 130,7484 weeks ago
Mom Needs Alone Time
Views 127,0601 months ago
Views 164,2311 months ago
Jackson Pulls A Prank On Dad!
Views 116,4701 months ago
I Cry When We Talk About This
Views 127,0271 months ago
He Called Me Spoiled
Views 109,7992 months ago
Tropical Storm Hits Home!!
Views 187,1012 months ago
Updated Home Office Tour!
Views 126,8912 months ago
a HUGE STORM is coming for us
Views 181,9982 months ago
Taking A Pregnancy Test 10 DPO
Views 283,8662 months ago
I Can't Believe I Did It!
Views 146,2293 months ago
Taking Away Sutton's Binky!
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This Almost Made Her Pass Out!
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He really needs this..
Views 164,8613 months ago
why we haven't been vlogging
Views 191,1043 months ago
I Love This New Look!
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He's Ruining My Day!
Views 211,9013 months ago
happy father’s day dad
Views 150,6983 months ago
Our Friends Feel Bad For Me..
Views 178,0353 months ago
First Expensive Home Disaster!
Views 194,3113 months ago
What Happened To The Couch?
Views 189,4753 months ago
We Need A Fourth Baby Now
Views 246,0544 months ago
Are We A Normal Family?
Views 217,7514 months ago
my WIFE is driving me CRAZY
Views 150,5574 months ago