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Video HOT

i did not leave... (stop)
Views 171,1161 weeks ago
Joined The Dumb House!!!
Views 196,9351 weeks ago
please watch
Views 204,0491 weeks ago
my last fortnite game
Views 277,2051 months ago
why i'm not at the 1% house...
Views 403,2551 months ago
my response...
Views 356,5091 months ago
how i cheated in fortnite…
Views 453,9501 months ago
why i stopped...
Views 590,3062 months ago
my new name in fortnite…
Views 661,1553 months ago
Joined 1% (my new team)
Views 451,0093 months ago
I left LG... (please watch)
Views 649,9513 months ago