KINGDOM HEARTS III – Opening Movie Trailer

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  • Published on: Sunday, December 9, 2018
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    Longtime Kingdom Hearts contributor Hikaru Utada has teamed up with longtime Kingdom Hearts superfan Skrillex to create the amazing theme “Face My Fears”.

    Watch the forces of light and darkness gather as the battle for KINGDOM HEARTS approaches! It is time for Sora and all the KINGDOM HEARTS characters to face their fears!

    KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One on January 29, 2019.

    Pre-order the song "Face My Fears" from Hikaru Utada and Skrillex and get instant access to “Don’t Think Twice” available at 12am EST / 9pm PST!

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  • FabioFortune


     2 weeks ago

    This short version is still better synchronized with the music than the full version.

  • Tony Nim

    Tony Nim

     2 weeks ago +1

    Kinda like the cuts on this better than the actual opening 😂

  • BringIt99 30

    BringIt99 30

     3 weeks ago

    I honestly want to cry at how befitting these lyrics are for the protagonists. They have to face their fears and defeat this thing that has been tormenting them and ruining their lives, but they’ve grown stronger from this. I just love that they care so much for others that they’ll fight darkness and defeat it.

    Am I the only one? Okay. Bye 👋🏼

  • Stephon Bailey

    Stephon Bailey

     3 weeks ago

    I will remember this day for eternity

  • ZebraClick


     3 weeks ago +1

    Almost a year later and I still get ALL THE FEELS from watching this. 😍

  • Renee Zareski

    Renee Zareski

     4 weeks ago +1

    Make all the games into movies and I’ll pay you all of my money and lives ambitions to see it .

  • Matthew Dan Tengasantos

    Matthew Dan Tengasantos

     4 weeks ago

    Man, the cuts in this version sync with the music better than the actual opening shipped with the game.

  • Muhammad Aria

    Muhammad Aria

     1 months ago

    Sora is king kairi is queen and IDK I haven't played chess in a long time

  • Kelly Loyd

    Kelly Loyd

     1 months ago

  • Shade 340

    Shade 340

     1 months ago

    I've beat this game why am I here

  • Brady Looney

    Brady Looney

     1 months ago

    Yo I get that feeling in my throat everytime I watch this

  • Big Drink

    Big Drink

     1 months ago

    Kingdom hearts doesnt need Dubstep.

  • Fiona Spooner

    Fiona Spooner

     1 months ago

    Wie heißt das lied?😍😍😍

  • The seven deadly sins Da zoeira

    The seven deadly sins Da zoeira

     1 months ago +1

    "Alcohol Reference" LOL!

  • Odes


     1 months ago

    I wish the full version ended by cutting off into the logo like that. It sounds super epic

  • Muhammad Aria

    Muhammad Aria

     1 months ago

    Darkness darkness darkness darkness darkness dark heartless heartless heartless xemnas xemnas xemnas regrets regrets regrets nobody nobody nobody ta to tar light light light sora sora sorq

  • Alexandra Mazzant

    Alexandra Mazzant

     1 months ago

    When Roxas dropped the sea salt ice cream I was like Nooooo!

  • DUSTIN Kas-Mikha

    DUSTIN Kas-Mikha

     1 months ago +2

    Rest In peac X you never got to play kingdom hearts 3 😓💔❌❌❌👿

  • koondoog


     2 months ago

    Love the game intro but this one synchs so much better

  • Gabriela Negrete

    Gabriela Negrete

     2 months ago

    I love this freaking deam cinematic 💙