Ewan McGregor on Keeping Obi-Wan Return a Secret

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  • Published on: Wednesday, October 30, 2019
  • Ewan talks about his beard, dressing up for Halloween, trick-or-treating in Scotland, his favorite candy, keeping his return as Obi-Wan Kenobi a secret, reading William Shatner’s book on the set of Star Wars with Jar-Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best, his new sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, and his terrifying experience seeing Halloween as a 12-year-old in Holland.

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    Ewan McGregor on Keeping Obi-Wan Return a Secret

    Source: https://youtu.be/4jeq8la3kQg


  • Act Of Vengeance

    Act Of Vengeance

     52 minutes ago

    Arnold Schwarzengger returns as Terminator
    Slyvester Stallone returns as Rambo
    Samuel L. Jackson returns as his regular B.M.F characters
    Jackie Chan returns as Jackie Chan
    Jason Statham returns as that Kung Fu Brit Bald Guy again

    Ewan Mc Gregor returns as Obi Wan Kenobi

    I feel young again... This is happiness....

  • John Bernal

    John Bernal

     2 hours ago

    I'm honestly trying to remember a scary scene from The Shining.

  • Nick Bartlett

    Nick Bartlett

     4 hours ago

    Beard or no beard this guy is forever 25, loved train spotting

  • Dylan Meszler

    Dylan Meszler

     6 hours ago

    The only costume he needs is the high ground

  • DawsonBeep Gaming

    DawsonBeep Gaming

     7 hours ago +2

    Age: Exists
    Ewan: Stop, stop R2 we need to be going up!

  • Fiko Alexie

    Fiko Alexie

     8 hours ago

    is it just me or he looks younger here than a new hope

  • Verna C

    Verna C

     9 hours ago

    Kimmel is a wimp. Please stop talking and laughing Kimmel and let your guest talk.

  • Sandro Costa

    Sandro Costa

     12 hours ago

    I don't even feel bad for fans bothering him about the Kenobi situation... I actually WISH I was him. Forever remembered as the most badass jedi on the Star Wars franchise.

  • TJayGamingHD


     12 hours ago

    3:28 your welcome

  • Kadir R

    Kadir R

     15 hours ago


  • Alex G

    Alex G

     15 hours ago

    Well f*. Avoided spoilers thus far. Thanks title. Oh well. /s

  • Jonathan Stark

    Jonathan Stark

     16 hours ago

    1:29 - There is a thing called Saint Martins day in Germanic countries. It is exactly like he describes.

  • Vareos Potshoterzz

    Vareos Potshoterzz

     17 hours ago

    is he talking about curly whirly with that chocolate bar? lol



     17 hours ago

    Ewans High Ground was higher than Disney's Castle

  • yanni ammari

    yanni ammari

     19 hours ago

    dont do it dont give me hope

  • Samuel Rodriguez

    Samuel Rodriguez

     21 hours ago

    Still looking amazing

  • Green Berets

    Green Berets

     1 days ago

    Say what U want.
    But Obi-Wan is What Jedi's supposed to be!
    He wasn't the chosen one or the one most powerful but somehow he always kept cool and did wat a Jedi was supposed to do!

  • Claire Sullivan

    Claire Sullivan

     1 days ago

    Ewan looks much better with a beard

  • joel 56

    joel 56

     1 days ago

    Big Jedi Mullet

  • KingCai72


     1 days ago +37

    Jimmy: “Is that an Obi-Wan beard?”

    Ewan: “It’s more like a practice one.”

    Jimmy: ”THEN YOU ARE LOST!”