I Had A Crush On A Famous Singer And Got Obsessed

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  • Published on: Monday, December 10, 2018
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    This is Cindy. She’s 15 years old, and she has always considered herself to be a reasonable person. However, she was once stuck in the most stupid situation possible – she fell in love with a celebrity, and for a time it gave her lots of unpleasant moments. This is what happened.

    Cindy broke up with her boyfriend in February, right before Valentine’s Day, and her life was in chaos. She was actually very fond of him, and felt very sad and lonely, and after several weeks these feelings didn’t pass. One evening, she was browsing videos online when she came across a music video made by a young male singer. He sings original songs about real feelings, and actually doesn’t look like a typical glamorous celebrity; he’s more like the guy next door.

    Like everyone at school, Cindy knew his songs, but she wasn’t a fan – he was just another singer. However, when she fell into that video vortex, she couldn’t stop watching his videos and listening to his songs. They weren’t the usual songs about love – instead he was expressing exactly the same feelings that she had inside her. And he wrote his songs himself! She had never heard words that expressed her inner world better than his lyrics. That’s when she started falling in love.

    “Ok”, she thought, “this is just springtime sentimentalism I’m having, it will pass.” She spent several weeks listening to his music non-stop, watching his videos, dreaming about him at night and daydreaming about him during the day. She also liked his looks, he was so nice and unusual… After a month she realized that her feelings towards him weren’t fading away; on the contrary, he was becoming an obsession. Her friends started avoiding her, because she was so in love that she literally wasn’t able to talk about anything else. She realized it was utterly stupid to be in love with a star. But he seemed exactly the person who understood her better than anyone.

    But she didn’t want to carry all the weight of that awkward infatuation alone. She realized that there had to be a community online somewhere that had other people like her, who wouldn’t snort when she again started talking about him. That was how she became an active member of her idol’s fan community.

    But Cindy still didn’t feel completely satisfied. You know that feeling when you’re in love with someone and you want to be with him or her all the time…But she didn’t have the opportunity to spend even a second with the person she was in love with because… well, you know, he didn’t even know about her existence. And all the time she thought about the fact that that she wouldn’t ever have the opportunity to get closer to him, never ever…It was so sad and embarrassing, and heartbreaking, and very very depressing. What choice did she have? To become a stalker? It would be pretty pathetic to follow someone who would never possibly care about her.

    But she did realized that it would be possible to improve the situation. She decided to meet him! She started browsing the list of his upcoming shows and chose one near her city. She even managed to arrange it with her parents that she could go there there without them – instead she would go with one of her classmates.

    When he came out onto the stage, she felt like she was about to faint. He was so close to her she could have touched him with her hand. She could hardly breathe; she was all in tears because she was too excited. It was a unique experience and she would keep the memory of it with her forever. She spent all the money she had on his merchandise.

    She was also in touch with fans from his community who lived in different cities. She started chatting a lot about concerts and music in general with one of them, a guy called Dave. But she had never met him. He seemed a nice guy and they agreed to go to the final concert together. When they met before the concert, she realized that Dave was very good looking, even better than in some of his pictures, and a very pleasant person all in all. And what was even better was that he made her forget about her unobtainable obsession for some time. They chatted about everything and she enjoyed his company.

    The concert was wonderful, Cindy was totally ecstatic. But there was another reason for that apart from seeing her favorite singer live. Dave was close to her all the time, and they enjoyed the concert together. At some point he took her hand and she didn’t take it away from him. And when there was the most romantic song he kissed her and…well, what else is there to say? That was breathtaking.

    That was the most romantic day in her life. She still adores her favorite singer but now it’s more an admiration for his skill; that crazy infatuation has finally left her. Her heart was taken by Dave, who turned out to be the most romantic guy you could ever imagine and who is now her boyfriend.

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