Poppy - Immature Couture [Official Audio]

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  • Published on: Friday, September 28, 2018
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    who-a-you has a purpose

    who-a-yous standing up

    Are you wasting your time trying to synchronize with a world that’s out of touch

    gimme something to worship

    idolize and respect

    well I know it’s tempting to give up and blend in

    but you’ll be easier to forget

    so put on your sequins

    and all your leopard prints

    whatever you want bitch

    just wear it with confidence

    they’re not ready for you

    but next year they’ll be emulating you

    immature couture

    you wear it well but you’re still insecure

    if your parents think you’re gay then you’re doing it right

    put that make-up on your face like it’s saving your life

    cause you were made to be great so you don’t need to hide

    come alive come alive come alive

    I like your immature. couture. it’s so pure.

    so make the sidewalk your catwalk and work it with pride oh yeah

    I like your

    immature couture

    I like your

    immature couture


    We wanna change it up

    Cause you can’t be sublime when you’re falling in line

    you gotta stand tall and look tough

    I’ve always loved the outcast

    with fashion that’s so advanced

    I can’t even believe what you’re doing to me

    it’s a long distance romance

    Poppy performing Immature Couture. (C) 2018 I'm Poppy Records