Reacting to the Cutest Cats on the Internet

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  • Published on: Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • Can Rowan Blanchard and an army of the cutest cats on the internet bring Rhett around? Let's react and see!  GMMore #1441

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  • Wooosh me Ur gay

    Wooosh me Ur gay

     11 hours ago

    no ones gonna talk about how she looks now

  • Wooosh me Ur gay

    Wooosh me Ur gay

     11 hours ago

    she chance so much broo

  • Eternalshimo


     1 days ago

    Have Rhett and link play with cat please!!

  • Gabe Itch

    Gabe Itch

     1 weeks ago

    Link only likes his dog

  • Sophie Christy

    Sophie Christy

     4 weeks ago

    i love the old spaghetti factory im from kelowna bc canada

  • Live Louder

    Live Louder

     1 months ago

    I love when Rhett said he didn't like cats Rowan got personally offended😂

  • Chris Penney

    Chris Penney

     2 months ago

    Rowan: I love, love, love cats. They're perfect....I think cats are misunderstood

    Rhett: Have you spent a lot of time with cats?

    Rowan: well, I'm not actually allowed to have cats

  • chefboyardhillan


     2 months ago

    I love how defensive Rowan gets when Rhett says something bad about cats HAHAHAHA

  • Su-chi the cat

    Su-chi the cat

     3 months ago

    I love cats

  • Raimi Gardner

    Raimi Gardner

     3 months ago

    Wow Rhett. I have lost respect 😭

  • Cameron Dixon

    Cameron Dixon

     3 months ago

    The fact that link is wearing a nasa shirt and not knowing what spaghettification is what makes it funny

  • Linda Frisbee

    Linda Frisbee

     3 months ago

    i have a brother named thomas

  • Kaitlyn Baird

    Kaitlyn Baird

     5 months ago +1

    Rhett: so you’re saying dogs have too much energy?
    *she says hyperly

  • Jp Phil

    Jp Phil

     5 months ago

    This channel bites!!!

  • Richard Provost

    Richard Provost

     6 months ago

    Fools and idiots..

  • Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster

     6 months ago

    I got bit by a cat...

    But I still love them! I love kitties! 🐱

  • [ PersonalGraph05 ]

    [ PersonalGraph05 ]

     6 months ago

    Go back to game of thrones.

  • Maya Wells

    Maya Wells

     6 months ago

    Cats are demons

  • Maya Wells

    Maya Wells

     6 months ago

    I hate cats but I love love love love dogs

  • inbal


     6 months ago +1

    I love her and I love that every time a guest hears about Rhett's hatred for cats they get all philosophical on his ass. someone needs to get his mind straight; cats are the acme of perfection and Rhett really lives in darkness to not see that!