PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

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  • Published on: Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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  • Dwy 097

    Dwy 097

     8 minutes ago

    This is garbage its either xbox 720 or Xbox 2

  • Su barashi

    Su barashi

     28 minutes ago

    They better improve the loud vibration sound that current gen have when you’re running certain game apps

  • Teivorus Womack

    Teivorus Womack

     28 minutes ago

    They need to bring back SOCOM

  • Ninjaghost420BP


     30 minutes ago

    Just make the controller 30lbs so that way you can workout while playing

  • IVIajor DamageD

    IVIajor DamageD

     31 minutes ago

    Xbox has no chance, Xbox is done out here honestly, it's a Shame, they've really fallen, I'm already sure of myself based on how bad the Xbox one was they've got nothing in their pocket to compare to this, nothing.

  • The Ghost

    The Ghost

     34 minutes ago

    I wish rockstar games made a new GTA

  • Bobby Rentas

    Bobby Rentas

     40 minutes ago

    Pls5 has the same things that the ps4 has besides the controller I'm not going to buy the ps5 I'm going to stay with my ps4

  • The Internet's Memelord

    The Internet's Memelord

     49 minutes ago

    Oh God please no SONY WHY

  • bout billy

    bout billy

     51 minutes ago

    i dont have even ps3

  • Forbid Iglooz

    Forbid Iglooz

     1 hours ago

    Petition to have the og rainbow ps logo

  • JR Sdw

    JR Sdw

     1 hours ago

    I have the money for this in my couch cushions or maybe under my truck seats

  • Deslexic


     1 hours ago

    Will my ps4 scuf work on ps5?

  • Cwizzy 19

    Cwizzy 19

     1 hours ago

    Chad warden will be back to review the ps5

  • FamousVoices


     1 hours ago

    I’ve had every Playstation console on the year of release. I’m nowhere near ready to upgrade. Especially when I have a Pro.

  • Ivan X. Bulgakov

    Ivan X. Bulgakov

     1 hours ago

    you said Gorilla games not Guerrilla (ge - rri - ya)

  • Code_Ree


     1 hours ago

    Plz help fix this world do something we have 17 months

  • Legendz FaII

    Legendz FaII

     1 hours ago

    Tired of repetitive titles on consoles. They better hope wow or RuneScape never releases to console or their all fucked

  • PandoraTroll


     1 hours ago

    Backwards compatibility

  • Wilfredo Florida

    Wilfredo Florida

     2 hours ago

    Just bought the ps4 and thus comes out

  • ElChurroDurro


     2 hours ago

    I want them to make new move controllers with analog sticks