Fast Food Vs. Homemade: McDonald's Egg McMuffin

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  • Published on: Saturday, December 8, 2018
  • We're gonna see how ours "measures" up.

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    cheddar slices
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    Sliced Canadian Bacon on white background from above
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    CA Passes State Law To Force Restaurants Chains To Display Calorie Info
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    English Muffin
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    Bread Dough Rising
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  • Leah Lea

    Leah Lea

     1 weeks ago

    If u live or r from Australia, doesn’t the background music at the start of the video remind u of Coles’ ad theme song? (I found this in my recommended list)

  • Richard Garcia

    Richard Garcia

     2 weeks ago

    What? You want them hugging and acting all jolly af ?like they laughed they both seem just like awkward people. You try and make a egg Mc muffin on camera.

  • Steak Williams

    Steak Williams

     4 weeks ago

    This is insufferable.

  • Iteboheng Langeni

    Iteboheng Langeni

     4 weeks ago

    The lady on the left is trying to have a good vibe with the other girl but she is not trying just as hard

  • hashcr


     1 months ago

    how much Mickey D's paid you?

  • House Of Hart Studios KarmaHart

    House Of Hart Studios KarmaHart

     1 months ago

    My version of the egg Mcmuffin would be, buy Canadian bacon, English muffin, eggs and cheese and there you have cheating egg Mcmuffin.

  • Justine Capili

    Justine Capili

     1 months ago

    The girl in the orange shirt. Is she high?

  • Артём Штода

    Артём Штода

     1 months ago

    Damn, how much sugar, salt, yeast?
    How much softened butter?

  • The Bus001

    The Bus001

     1 months ago

    They look like they hate each other. Girl in the orange did nothing

  • Mariah Francois

    Mariah Francois

     1 months ago

    I've made this Before for a picknick amung other shizz I like planning bff he said I'll make a god wife ,mum

  • m marr

    m marr

     2 months ago

    WHen I worked there we put a rubber spatula right in the egg yolk and give it a quarter turn twist. I did this for almost a full year. I still hate the smell of eggs cooking lol

  • Jorge


     2 months ago

    Those 2 girls are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

  • Kat DK

    Kat DK

     2 months ago

    Are they high?

  • hazza -

    hazza -

     2 months ago

    My mum makes me a mcmuffin every morning it's well good

  • Aganiya Amirthalinggam

    Aganiya Amirthalinggam

     2 months ago

    um did they just call ham canadian bacon.... i’m canadian and here up north we call that ham

  • Link The Fox

    Link The Fox

     2 months ago

    although butter has more fat than margarine, margarine contains trans fat which can make you fatter which everyone knows isn't good for you cause of cancer and heart disease stick to low fat butter if you want to be healthy or maybe use healthier alternatives like a few drops of coconut oil or vegetable purees

  • MC Tan

    MC Tan

     2 months ago

    The homemade version looks very yummy. 👍

  • Ili Shazana

    Ili Shazana

     2 months ago

    U guys should have the taste test blindfolded so as to not be biased. When you make an effort into making something, you’re inclined to prefer that more than the store bought one

  • Minecraft Villager

    Minecraft Villager

     3 months ago

    McDonald's wants to know your location

  • Minecraft Villager

    Minecraft Villager

     3 months ago

    I feel like the only thing they have in common is Liking McDonald's.