Browns are actually lucky this year, Colin questions how much leverage Dak has | NFL | THE HERD

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  • Published on: Wednesday, October 9, 2019
  • Colin Cowherd opens up today's show with some NFL talk. Hear why he thinks the Cleveland Browns are actually one of the luckiest teams currently in the league and why Dak Prescott doesn't have too much leverage in contract negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys.

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    Browns are actually lucky this year, Colin questions how much leverage Dak has | NFL | THE HERD

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd



  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

     1 months ago +26

    Can the Browns still win the AFC North?

  • christian


     3 weeks ago

    Carsten wentz is the closest thing to Mahomes this man is off his meds

  • Andy Manzano

    Andy Manzano

     1 months ago

    Jerry has a number or a name in his mind. Dak doesn't worth not even 5 millions a year.

  • Mike Evans

    Mike Evans

     1 months ago

    So only the quarterbacks have leverage??🤔

  • joao vitor sg

    joao vitor sg

     1 months ago

    Colin always finds a way to praise Darnold lol

  • Jordan Hodges

    Jordan Hodges

     1 months ago

    Remember, Colin hates talking about this contract stuff.

  • Not My Problem Brah

    Not My Problem Brah

     1 months ago

    Browns ain’t gonna beat the Seahawks this weekend. Baker will have 5-6 picks and 6 sacks and 2 fumbles. 100 yards and 0 TDs. Browns will have TDs only cuz of Chubb and that will be 2 TDs.

  • Not My Problem Brah

    Not My Problem Brah

     1 months ago

    Wentz is the closes thing to Mahomes?? 🤯😂 that couldn’t be more wrong. Wentz plays nothing like Mahomes lol wtf

  • James Ouellet

    James Ouellet

     1 months ago +1

    Stick Matt Ryan, Stafford orRivers in Dallas and you have a Super Bowl bound team. Dak is overrated.

  • Roderick Clerk

    Roderick Clerk

     1 months ago +2

    He mentioned Michael Savage. That's pretty cool. A 23 year old zoomer like me is omeone who usually doesn't listens to Savage but I love his show.

  • Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas

     1 months ago

    East minus Pats could give the north a run for the money for worst divison.

  • TheShinyInfernape


     1 months ago

    Ravens can’t pass??? Chill tf out now. Browns are too overhyped

  • Brennan Bauer

    Brennan Bauer

     1 months ago

    I disagree with Wentz and would say no one on the Steelers has more leverage than the owners.

  • 12st Numbers

    12st Numbers

     1 months ago

    5:24 if you can’t stand to hear about the Cowboys everyday

  • Michael Jimerson

    Michael Jimerson

     1 months ago

    Carson Wentz overrated, I don't care what Colin or anybody else says. He's good, with a good team, with a good offensive coach, in a bad division, Colin acts like he doing something other-worldy.

  • IkeGee1973


     1 months ago

    Jerry Jones caved to Ezekiel Elliott. He may cave to Dak Presscott. Two good games against mediocre competition may do it. Jerry's old. He may not have the same staying power of 10 years ago.

  • Dan Adamczyk

    Dan Adamczyk

     1 months ago

    Cool but lets not kid ourselves...the nfc west is typically weaker than the afc north. This is an anomaly...

  • Admiral Xizor

    Admiral Xizor

     1 months ago


    If you want him on your show, just call his manager. You don't have to be such a schill for such an average player.

  • Christian Cullen

    Christian Cullen

     1 months ago

    A month ago it was "pay the man". This guy is ridiculous

  • Calvin Coolidge

    Calvin Coolidge

     1 months ago

    Rush Almost makes as much as Stern. Stern does not make 3 times more.