ZAYN - There You Are (Lyric Video)

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  • Published on: Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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  • S. V

    S. V

     9 hours ago

    Love this so much😭 the vocals i cant

  • Ana Isabel Giménez Quinto

    Ana Isabel Giménez Quinto

     10 hours ago +2

    "Harry Harry Harry."

    This is Zayn, not Harry, stop.

  • princess N sha.M

    princess N sha.M

     14 hours ago

    I like Zayn is songs a day can't pass without listening to his music

  • Sadia Khan

    Sadia Khan

     15 hours ago

    Zayn should make a music video on this will be great🙏

  • Cherryberry 421

    Cherryberry 421

     16 hours ago

    Zayn your making me shook

  • Cherryberry 421

    Cherryberry 421

     16 hours ago

    Zayn my cutie pie the way you sing is out of this world I love your beautiful cute voice and everything about this song. I don't know how you can be so cute

  • Mihan 17

    Mihan 17

     1 days ago

    It sounds like an angel who is calling u to enter the heaven💤💙

  • ella


     1 days ago


  • Sarah Amjad

    Sarah Amjad

     1 days ago +2

    I'm in with this song 😍❤ love you Zayn so much .

  • Farwa Cheema

    Farwa Cheema

     3 days ago

    Damn the feels🥀

  • Chitra Murali

    Chitra Murali

     3 days ago

    Beautiful song. Jst noticed, it's published on my Partner's birth-date. Makes it all the more special. Something just made me hear this song today. Thanks ❤️

  • Ayham Ballan

    Ayham Ballan

     4 days ago


  • Abby Ryosuke

    Abby Ryosuke

     4 days ago

    I love this song sm!!! Gave me goosebumps every single time i listen to it #zarry 💛💚

  • Surabhi Deshmukh

    Surabhi Deshmukh

     4 days ago

    Sorry for clearly unpopular opinion: nothing sounded like Harry in this song.
    Another unpopular opinion: have you realised how intensely this song touches upon his relationship with Gigi?

  • Nadeem Albdour

    Nadeem Albdour

     5 days ago

    This song and dusk till dawn song is better than any other song 💙💙

  • M J

    M J

     1 weeks ago

    3:07 really sounds like harry styles.

  • Does It Matter

    Does It Matter

     1 weeks ago

    Why i love him sm it hurts sigh

  • ParaXposeR


     1 weeks ago

    Now a Days I can't even differentiate between Zayn's & Harry's voice. They both sound same when singing in high voice. Parts in Light's up literally sounded like it was Harry Styles ft Zayn, and this Song sounds like Zayn ft. Harry Styles. They sounded totally different during 1D Days!

  • Eliyahu Zidele

    Eliyahu Zidele

     1 weeks ago +2

    1. Zayn
    2. Louis
    3. Liam
    4. Niall
    5. Harry

  • SKP Lebanon

    SKP Lebanon

     1 weeks ago +1

    Best part 0:00 0:12