Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

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  • Published on: Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.

    Thursday: Adventure sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • MrRensoku


     6 hours ago

    You forgot to add 100 sins for the parents letting the deaf girl live cause she would be the most dangerous person kept alive, simply cause she cant hear the sounds she make when doing anything.

  • JOHN


     6 hours ago

    what a stupid movie , and a family with no alergies or farts or colds sneezing and stuff ,

  • Hava Donut

    Hava Donut

     19 hours ago

    i wanna watch signs now

  • Jesse Ogden

    Jesse Ogden

     1 days ago

    The sin counter points are the random rubbish things

  • Manas Sharma

    Manas Sharma

     1 days ago

    Anyone here after watching the RedLetterMedia review of "A Quiet Place"?

  • Stutterbox


     1 days ago

    An overrated, predictable and inconsistent movie about feet.

  • Twisted Foxy

    Twisted Foxy

     2 days ago

    If they could never speak...How do they know how to speak+Understand what each other are saying?

  • Munashe Tanjani

    Munashe Tanjani

     2 days ago

    I. Just. Can't. If you think about the "holes" for a second, maybe 2, you realize how simple the answer is.

  • Jacki Danner

    Jacki Danner

     3 days ago

    The timer of your video and the timer of the video you posted is different because the posted is 8:44 min/sec and the one you posted is 8:35 min/sec

  • Nguyen Ho

    Nguyen Ho

     3 days ago

    I don't respect this after seeing cinema wins

  • Ruthie May

    Ruthie May

     4 days ago

    Narrator couldn't be any more irritating if he tried. What a nitwit. A filthy mouthed nitwit. But you missed one genius: Showing a child pour lighter fluid on a fire is sheer stupidity. Now before you go make any more videos, why don't YOU go play with some fire and lighter fluid? PLEASE!!!

  • Dante Muzzi

    Dante Muzzi

     4 days ago

    If they can hear a little noise miles away why cant they hear heartbeats? Or breathing?

  • Zachary Adkins

    Zachary Adkins

     4 days ago

    ok, i love this movie, let me get that out of the way, really great concept, really well executed, one of the best horror movies ive seen in a long time. BUT! its set in somewhat modern day (the cochlear implants the daughter has were being used prolly somewhere around the late 90's at the earliest, and anti-riot sonic devices have been around for years, more modern truck mounted ones like the LRAD used during the G20 summit in pittsburg can emit more noise than the human threshold of pain and cause permanent damage just from a few minutes of direct exposure to us, do you really mean to tell me no one thought to try something like that against the creatures? hell, a marshall half-stack can get loud enough to peal the proverbial paint off the walls and feedback will turn into a high-pitched whine very much akin to what shuts these things down in the movie times about 50, and they are very common. it drives me nuts that this movie is so smart otherwise but doesnt bother to address that. someone go harass john krasinski on twitter until he tells us why they didnt address it

  • That 1 Fangirl

    That 1 Fangirl

     1 weeks ago


  • Unknown User

    Unknown User

     1 weeks ago

    What's that thing @ 6:23?

  • Amellia Mendel

    Amellia Mendel

     1 weeks ago

    Sin 7 was just for fun, but hilarious none the less. Sin 67 😂

  • Beren OfNumenor

    Beren OfNumenor

     1 weeks ago

    My friend would get ripped to shreds for snoring loud

  • 7ft11


     1 weeks ago

    Why the Frick didn't the monsters react to the sound of the river?

  • UsagiNoche


     1 weeks ago

    While I did enjoy this movie the creatures weakness made no sense to me based on my knowledge of speakers and microphones and I'm open to anyone who can explain it as the movie implies its some sort of feedback.
    1. Hearing is receiving sound much like a mic which is what the deaf girl had. 2 mics together do not create any sort of noise

    2. If the noise is coming from the speaker of the hearing device then it should affect her all the time not in only in the presence of the creature. It's also shown in the end that she puts the hearing aide up to the mic in the room implying that the aid itself was the cause however as I said earlier then the noise and the girls pain should be constant not only when the creatures are near

    3. If the noise is from the creature then why? It's not echo location as the creature relies strictly on external sound. So what noise is the creature making that the device is picking up and sending out. Which is how Feedback works (A mic sends a signal to a speaker which outputs it, if the mic is close to the speaker it receives that same signal and sends it to the speaker again which feeds it back to the mic thus causing a feedback loop and that oh so lovely scream you hear.

    4. If the noise is from the creature and feedback is its weakness then all it has to do is shut the hell up and boom no weakness. Although I guess that would make them completely without senses to locate their prey

  • Malcolm


     1 weeks ago

    This movie was so damn stupid it pissed me off.