FIRE RAMEN & GYOZA in Kyoto Japan

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  • Published on: Sunday, December 9, 2018
  • I ate some amazing pork and red pepper gyoza in Kyoto. The wrappers were thin, and fried to perfection, leaving a nice crispy texture. I definitely recommend getting those two dishes.

    The next night I went to a fire ramen place which was pretty fun and super HOT!! It's not the spicy hot feeling like the hot oil that leaves a burning sensation on your tongue, but they use real fire to cook the ramen. So the heat on that ramen was flaming hot! Afterward, I went to grab some matcha dessert at one of the best places that Kyoto has to offer.
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    ✧ Gyoza Chaochao Sanjo-Kiyamachi
    ✧ Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen
    ✧ Tsujiri (Matcha Dessert)

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  • Shelley Schau

    Shelley Schau

     1 days ago


  • Bella Lay

    Bella Lay

     6 days ago

    I went to the fire ramen place over a year ago and remember the first thing I did after the fire was feel my eyebrows were still there 😂

  • Dameiel Dean

    Dameiel Dean

     1 weeks ago

    Does anyone noticed that behind him in the thumbnail on the picture says "It's f*****g Kyoto/Hyoto Fire Ramen (insert here if you see it clearly)

  • 濡れヨンちんちゃん


     1 weeks ago


  • One Guy Random Guy

    One Guy Random Guy

     3 weeks ago

    Anyone else start using chopsticks after one of his vids 😅😂🍜

  • Lord Ewok

    Lord Ewok

     3 weeks ago

    Finally the hot ramen i can handle

  • Austin Nguyen

    Austin Nguyen

     1 months ago

    Do you ever get weird stares when you walk around with a camera

  • Rosemary Archer

    Rosemary Archer

     1 months ago

    Hello Mikie the man and his traveling food stories. Mike does your mom and dad ever watch your videos? You eat so many different foods from around the world . I know in one of your videos you mention when your dad was young he wanted to go travel. Believe me Mike living his dream. I know they're very proud of you. Big hugs for Mommy and Daddy. Live you watching you travel and eat. You share your food you include the people around you in the video. You're a good man with a great ❤️. Love from GALVESTON Texas 🌵

  • Jeff Cook

    Jeff Cook

     1 months ago

    Ha we know from the giant gyoza challenge in Japan that you couldn’t eat 100 gyoza lol

  • Ernar Kelimbetov

    Ernar Kelimbetov

     1 months ago

    Jackie Chan!

  • JTJ


     1 months ago

    Thank you Mike. I miss Japan.

  • Enzo Abuel

    Enzo Abuel

     1 months ago

    matcha overload 😍😍😍 🤤🤤🤤

  • The Poopmaker

    The Poopmaker

     2 months ago

    How does he stay thin?



     2 months ago

    Ain't this guy Jackie Chan.?

  • king gaming gg claped

    king gaming gg claped

     2 months ago

    Eating my spicy soup bowl pretending it has everything that is in his bowl. Savor every bite.

  • LucinaFan


     2 months ago

    Yeah totally butcher saying gyoza.... it’s not gay-oza it’s gee-oza

  • Chi'mere Faison

    Chi'mere Faison

     2 months ago

    I absolutely love your channel its amazing🎉🎉🎉

  • K Comm

    K Comm

     2 months ago

    @10:20 ....It's Fu**ing good.........all I needed to know. Imagine seeing that in a restaurant in the US.

  • VioletUnicorn 918

    VioletUnicorn 918

     2 months ago


  • VioletUnicorn 918

    VioletUnicorn 918

     2 months ago

    Yeah it’s not “ghee-YOW-zag,” it’s ‘GHEE-YO-ZAH!” 😡